Two Gay Chicks

and their quest for the perfect wedding…

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Take me to church.

As a midwestern kid I grew up going to church not only every Sunday, but also every Wednesday, until the fifth grade or so, for a youth group club called AWANA. All of the group members received a new Bible and a workbook. As each member progressed through the book, they were able to advance to more difficult classes.

I never got far.

I could never remember all the of the books of the Bible and always got funny looks when I asked my teacher to help me pray for my grandmothers elderly dog, Muffin.

I had almost forgotten about this (maybe not forgot..more like tried to forget) until I attended the funeral service of my fiance’s grandfather J.

Rae had warned me when we first started dating that her side of the family probably wouldn’t take well to me because they were, “republican and super religious.”

I was terrified to meet them.

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Man, it’s dark in here.


Mine and Rae’s first night out at Hoosier Park casino.

Coming out is kind of difficult when you don’t realize that you are in the closet.

As mentioned in my born this way post, I think I sort of evolved in to my sexuality. I had only ever dated men until I met my fiancé, Rae. I had never even considered dating women until I met her.

I’m not sure how but when I met Rae I just knew she was the one for me. We would talk on the phone for hours like junior high school kids in their first relationship.

The difficult part now, was coming to terms with being gay and telling my parents.

I never really came out to my parents in the traditional- we need to sit down and have a chat sense of coming out. I just started bringing Rae around my family more and more often until they realized she wasn’t going anywhere. Continue reading


Born this way?


Man I thought I was cool. I’m the chick standing in the truck bed. This was in 2008 even if the camera thought it was ’06.

I would say I’m not like most gay chicks, but I guess by saying that it kind of makes me like everyone else.

I grew up home grown and corn fed in central Indiana where my life revolved around horses, FFA, 4H and beautiful country men.

You see, I don’t believe that all of us who are somewhere on the LGBT spectrum were born that way.

I think that it just kind of happens to some of us.

… There is also the possibility that I just ignored it for so long that I forgot that it was there. Continue reading